Proudly Serving Canada

Rainbow Feather Essentials is an Indigenous, locally owned and operated business located in the Sault Ste. Marie Area.

Est. 2020, specializing in Handmade products ranging from salves, skincare, aromatherapy products and more. Owned and Operated by a Certified Aromatherapist and Home Herbalist.

Now listed in the Indigenous Business Directory.

We strive to keep everything as close to nature as possible. I source all our raw materials from Canadian Suppliers that guarantee the highest levels of products and customer service

We occasionally send $1.00 from every purchase to a different charity or cause. These Donations are made on the last business day of every month and are always stated on our website. It is our way of giving back.

We will always provide accurate information on our label as to what our product contains.

Please Note: Rainbow Feather Essentials products are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure disease or any other health issue, nor are they meant to replace or deny any advice from any other medical professional or doctor. If you have any concerns with the use of natural products/essential oils in your current care plan I recommend talking to your healthcare provider.

You can always check out our FAQ for more information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Offering free mailbox/door drop delivery within Sault Ste. Marie and nearby surrounding areas.
Please be sure to leave delivery instructions.

Jacqueline Pelletier, CAHP

I am the founder of Rainbow Feather Essentials.

My primary goal is to make more natural products available to you. I have extensive knowledge in many different alternative therapies as well as some Traditional remedies.

As a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional and Natural Health Consultant, I strongly believe in the healing properties of plants and the essential oils extracted from them. I have a deep connection with nature and a passion for working with medicinal plants. I often use them in my everyday life as a Home Herbalist. I am currently pursuing my Practical Herbalist Diploma.

I now offer one on one online consultations for clients to help them incorporate alternative therapies into their everyday lives. Everything is based on your individual needs and is completely confidential.

You can see some of my certifications below, and I love to continue to learn and have many others.