Soft Wax Melts – Hand Poured


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Release the power of aromatherapy with these wonderful little wax melts.

Hand-poured using 100% natural beeswax and coconut oil. They are scented with essential oils or natural fragrance oil blends (from a Natural Canadian supplier).

Beeswax is all-natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Out of all the waxes, beeswax burns the cleanest releasing no toxic byproducts or heavy soot into the air.

Would like a scent we don’t have listed, just ask and we may be able to help!

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Weight 80 g

Herbal Walk, Blue Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Mystic Pear, Lilac & Lilies, Mild Sweetgrass, Forest Stroll, Fantasy Dream, Winter Spice, Homemade Pie, Fruit Cake


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